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Our mystery man is a 1961 graduate of BHS. During the school year, every Saturday night you would find him at the dances. Music was, and still is, an important part of his life. In the early 1960’s our BHS Saturday Night Dance DJ was Mike Plante. No one guessed correctly. We invited Mike to make a surprise appearance at our 50th reunion. He was unable to be there but he has reconnected with some old school “friends”. Here is a photo taken in March of this year in Leesburgh, FL while visiting David and Mary Cragen. Also in the photo is Mike's lovely wife, Beverly.



 Once again, please share the milestone dates, ie pending 50th Wedding Anniversaries, etc. Anything in the 2016 year, past or pending, please. Any other personal news, retirement? New marriage?


Bartlett High School, as we knew it, no longer exists. It has been given a new life, Anthony J. Sitkowski Apartments. Several years ago the town of Webster sold off the school portion of the town hall/auditorium/school complex to a corporation. The developer converted the classrooms into mostly 1 bedroom apartments, small but “cozy“. The larger rooms: cafeteria, study hall and library are also apartments. Each floor has a seating area, some with TV’s, faux fireplace and sofas and another with a refrigerator and tables. The wall in one of these social areas dons a wall mural map of our beloved Webster Lake. The rest of the structure remains the same. It is strange to walk along the hallway and guess who occupied which classroom. Throughout there are tables and other pieces of furniture made from the gym benches. In the lowest level there are 2 wall hangings made from the slate chalkboards and framed with the 110 year old oak from the building. The old gym, the never developed swimming pool where we held the Saturday dances, has recently been converted into the Webster Senior Center. The second floor has a meeting room where a wall mural was painted to look like 3 windows looking out at various town scenes. The local artist who was commissioned to do the paintings is a graduate from the newest BHS on Lake Parkway, Dave Laabs of The Airbrush Shack.








Rev. Fr. Larry Esposito celebrated his 40th anniversary in the priesthood on Sunday, June 5 with a Mass at The Church of the Good Shepard in Massachusetts.  If you wish to send him a congratulatory note, send a note to for his address.




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