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Found this photo on the internet.  Play our “guessing game”, email us via the link as to who you think this is.  If you know, don’t share.  Big reveal in a few weeks.



 Once again, please share the milestone dates, ie pending 50th Wedding Anniversaries, etc. Anything in the 2016 year, past or pending, please. Any other personal news, retirement? New marriage?


Mary Daskowski Cragen was recently on a trip, “Gals Gone Wild in Biloxi/New Orleans”, with 50 plus residents of her community. After a great time, on the return coach trip, the tour guide noticed the driver was weaving across the highway. Along with this guide, Mary, an RN, spoke to the driver. He indicated he was a diabetic so after providing him with the necessary emergency solutions, he was no better and started exhibiting signs of a stroke. Then the two ladies, standing next to the seated driver, proceeded to take over steering the bus to the shoulder of the road and to a stop. The driver was taken away to a hospital accompanied by the tour guide. The Florida state police provided a retired coach driver to take the ladies to a designated stop where they would meet the final driver to return them to their home community. The adventures continues as neither “retired” driver had driven this modern coach before. As the final driver settled in he asked “now, where is Leesburg?” As for the original driver, he had suffered a stroke and died the following day. He was just 65 years old and about to retire. Thanks to Mary and the tour guide all 50 plus ladies arrived safely home with an additional story to tell of their get away weekend.


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